Marketing + Finance

An unlikely match, or a love story written in the stars?

We’ve all heard it said that opposites attract. This time-tested sentiment holds true in the C-Suite, where leaders balance roles between risk aversion and growth investment. Opposite perspectives are valuable to inform decision-making. But opposing priorities are deadly to team culture and corporate health.

The rubber often meets the road in the relationship between Marketing and Finance. Should the company invest in strategic, but often unpredictable (risky), marketing initiatives? Or should the business limit its spend to programs already proven to generate measurable results? What is the right ratio of risk vs. caution, reward vs. stability?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer, but the fact is: healthy growth requires leadership alignment, and alignment requires trust. Join us for a live webinar conversation, featuring a panel of business leaders, as we discuss the power of a high-trust union between marketing and finance.


Attendees to this webinar will learn:

  • The most common areas of friction between marketing and finance leaders
  • Key conversations that cultivate alignment and agreement on priorities
  • How to navigate the marketing budget conversation with finance
  • Which metrics / insights are most important to reinforce trust
  • When to engage outside expertise to strengthen the relationship

Meet our panelists:


Peter Zaballos

Authentic Fractional CMO™


Chris Schwalbach

Founder & Managing Partner, AVL Growth Partners


JP Tremblay

Managing CFO, AVL Growth Partners

Jennifer for LinkedIn-002

Jennifer Zick (Moderator)

CEO & Host, Authentic Brand