Product Marketing Pitfalls (and strategies to avoid them)

From pragmatic to problematic: We’ve seen it all, and we’re here to help.

The pathway to product launch is full of pitfalls and detours. Whether you’re a leader in a small business with a new product idea, or an established enterprise with highly-evolved systems for product innovation, you’ve felt the pains that accompany bringing a new solution to market.

As CMOs and marketing leaders, we’ve travelled that road in partnership with founders, engineers, inventors, designers, go-to-market teams, and end-users. We’ve helped to shape and sell tangible and intangible solutions; consumer goods and enterprise solutions. And while the process of product development and marketing is never easy - there is nothing quite as rewarding as building something that works and that customers love.

There is a lot to be learned through shared experiences - so we’re bringing a panel of marketing experts together to discuss some of the most common product marketing pitfalls, as well as strategies to avoid them.


Attendees to this webinar will learn:

  • How, when, and why to engage marketing in the product life cycle
  • Building critical customer feedback loops to inform innovation
  • Prioritizing resources appropriately between engineering and marketing
  • How to put progress above perfection while still achieving excellence
  • What it really means to “go to market” with a new product or new release

Meet the Panel


Ruth Glaser

Authentic Fractional CMO™


Steve Grady

Authentic Fractional CMO™


Jerron Nanneman

Authentic Fractional CMO™


Jennifer Zick

Webinar Host
Authentic Brand CEO