The Buyer’s Journey

Optimize engagement to maximize revenue results

It’s a hot topic, and for good reason. In recent months, most companies have had to rethink and retune their go-to-market strategies and approaches. In many cases, the way companies sell, who they sell to, and how they solve customer problems has been reshaped as organizations adapt to economic, logistic, and demographic impacts on a global scale.

Whether your organization has been radically transformed, or only lightly touched by recent changes and challenges, one thing is true for all: To maintain and sustain healthy growth, every business needs to attract, convert, and retain healthy relationships with its buyers.

If persona-building, experience design, and journey-mapping are unfamiliar concepts for your business (or perhaps sound a bit like “arts and crafts fluffy stuff”), you need to attend this webinar. 

Our panel of marketing and business experts will unpack the basics, and share real-life examples of how a clear and thoughtful buyer’s journey can unlock healthy growth for any business.

Attendees to this webinar will learn: 

  • Why defining ideal customer personas is essential
  • Best practices for designing your buyer’s journey
  • Where customer experiences tend to fall short, and how not to miss key opportunities
  • How to operationalize your buyer’s journey through sales and marketing alignment
  • Why customers aren’t the only buyers that matter to your business health

Meet the Panel


Barb Bertsch

Authentic Fractional CMO™


John Gamades

OrangeBall Creative


Darrell Amy



Jennifer Zick

CEO & Host
Authentic Brand