Embracing AI

What growth leaders need to understand about the next frontier of technology innovation

It’s the hottest topic since the “world wide web” disrupted everything for businesses. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for quite some time already, quietly humming in the background, having a nearly imperceptible impact on most individuals and organizations - until in late 2022, OpenAI released ChatGPT to the public, and our collective minds were blown.

As the whole world turns its attention to the new frontier of innovation, plenty of speculation exists about whether AI is a friend or foe to businesses and their employees. Will AI be a threat to artists, authors, musicians, analysts, developers, and all other creators and knowledge workers? Or does AI hold the promise of maximizing our human potential and expanding our capacity for positive innovation? 

While many questions remain to be answered, one thing is certain: AI is here to stay, and like all technology disruptions, the competitive advantage will go to the early adopters who embrace rapid change as a catalyst for growth.

Join us for a live webinar conversation, featuring a panel of experienced B2B and B2C marketing leaders, as we explore the practical and powerful advantages of AI for entrepreneurial growth organizations.

Now available on-demand!

Attendees to this webinar will learn:

  • Current benefits, challenges, and risks with AI;
  • What “prompt engineering” is and why will this skill be essential for all marketers;
  • The role of marketers and creatives in an AI-enhanced future;
  • Amazing and practical applications for AI today;
  • How to educate, train, and empower your workforce for AI success.

Meet our panelists:


Ruth Glaser

Authentic Fractional CMO™

John Ryan

John Ryan

Authentic Fractional CMO™

Pete Zaballos headshot-1

Peter Zaballos

Authentic Fractional CMO™

Jennifer for LinkedIn-002

Jennifer Zick (Moderator)

Founder & CEO, Authentic Brand