Sales + Marketing = One Revenue Team

How to create synergy for success

For early stage businesses, marketing often reports to the founder or head of sales, and plays a subordinate role as a sales support function. This model can work during the forming phase of business growth - when sales is driving most engagement and is helping to further define the market fit. But eventually, to scale a brand and expand the business, marketing and sales must become peers within the leadership team - playing complimentary, but truly different roles. 

Making the shift from sales-led to sales and marketing synchronized can be tricky. It’s truly a “make it or break it” moment for the future of your organization’s revenue health. How you make this transition - and continue to define sales and marketing roles and responsibilities - will either foster a climate of competition, or nurture a culture of collaboration.

Growing businesses can’t afford to allow unhealthy tension between sales and marketing. It’s ultimately not about who gets the credit for the lead, the deal, the revenue, or the profit. It’s about your business winning together by working together.

Join us for a live webinar conversation, featuring a panel of experienced B2B sales and marketing leaders, as we share insights to help your revenue organization thrive.

Attendees to this webinar will learn:

  • The evolution of the sales and marketing functions in entrepreneurial businesses;
  • What it means to be one revenue team with both sales and marketing leadership;
  • Practical tips for building “connective tissue” between sales and marketing teams;
  • Why marketing and sales must work together well beyond a lead hand-off;
  • How to create accountability without competition or finger-pointing.

Meet our panelists:

Maura Kautsky-Sales Xceleration

Maura Kautsky

President / Integrator, Sales Xceleration


Barb Bertsch

Authentic Fractional CMO™

Scott Schaefer

Scott Schaefer

Managing Partner, Top Line Transformations, LLC

Jennifer Zick-sq-sm

Jennifer Zick (Host)

Founder & CEO, Authentic Brand